This page explains how to create your first group on Turnalist.

A group is used to coordinate a recurring event where the members take turns doing some task.

Do not be afraid to create a group even though you are not sure that Turnalist is the right match for you. The system will not start sending mails until everything is set and you have activated the group. You always have the option to delete the group, if Turnalist does not satisfy your needs.

Create user account

First you need to sign up as user on Turnalist.

  • Press “Sign up” in the top right corner.
  • Enter your name and email address, and choose a password.
  • You will receive a mail with a link. Follow this link to activate your account.

You sign-up is now complete, and you are ready to create your first group.

Create group

For example, “Friday breakfast”.


Next step: Add some members to the group.

Start from your personal front page. You can always get here by clicking the Turnalist logo in the top left corner.

  • Press “Create new group”.
  • Choose a group name. It could be, say, “Friday breakfast” or “Clean up the kitchen”.
  • Select which weekday and time of day the event takes place, e.g. every Friday at 9 AM.
  • Press “Next”.

You are now ready to add members to the group.

Add members

Enter the name and email address of all members of the group. You can add or remove members at any time.

Don’t worry — we wont send out any emails until you have confirmed that everything looks right.

Now enter the name and email address of whom you wish to add as members of the group. If you do not remember them all, you can add them later. If you run out of fields, press “Add row” on the bottom left.

When you are done, press “Add members”.

Check and adjust

Now the group has been created and only needs to be activated. You can activate it right away, but first you might want to check that everything looks right.

On the group page you can see that the first events have already been created, and an assignee has been chosen. The first event will be assigned to you. You can reassign the event by pressing “Show event” below the event in question.

On the right side of the page you have access to various group settings.

  • In “Instructions you can add instructions to the assignee, e.g. “Buy 3 loafs of bread and fetch plates in the kitchen”.
  • In “Schedule” you can change when the event takes places and how far ahead the events are assigned. You can also specify if more than one assignee should be chosen for each event.
  • In “Members” you can add or remove members.

When you are satisfied, press “Activate group”.

Ready, steady, go!

You are now ready to create your first group. Press “Sign up” on the top right to get started. Enjoy 🙂