Whose turn is it?

  • Who should bring cake to the weekly meeting?
  • Who should pick up the kids from football practice?
  • Who should clean the office kitchen?

How does it work?

Specify schedule

E.g. “Every Friday”

Add people

Simply enter names and emails

Sit back and relax

Turnalist assigns users to events

Check your email

“It’s your turn tomorrow”

Getting started

  • Sign up and create your first group in just 5 minutes.
  • No action is required by group members. All reminders are sent by email – visiting the web site is not required.
  • It’s free :-)


  • You can easily reassign events when you are unable to take your turn.
  • Karma score ensures that everybody does their fair share.
  • Your turns will automatically be added to your calendar (smartphone, Outlook, Google Calendar).
  • And much more ...